8Arc is the future foundation of our planet, environmentally friendly, clean energy, a never ending source of energy, no gas, no petroleum, no coal, no sun light, no wind. Of course this would be the Philosopher’s stone of our times.

Considering the new Metaverse reality entering our lives, with crypto, NFT, P2E, EV’s, flying cities etc, the consumption of electricity will rise which will require such a never ending source of power, but the real question is (are the biggest corporations and governments really wanting such free energy to enter human lives?) the answer will be in the support of our project, simple as that.

We will put to test and see what really people want, our project will test you and of course will require every human finacial support. We are ready to dedicate our life in the search of this Philosopher’s stone of a never ending energy, which for sure powers our whole world, to intrigue you even more, we discovered something which is why we gave birth to this project.

Are you willing to be a part of this? If Yes, then check our financing page or contact us and discuss financing our project.